Purple Royalty

Its a happy fun color isn't it!?

Its one of the colors of my favoriate team LSU (Geaux Tigers!)

and that big goofy dinosaur (Barney)

Its the color of my new couch. Or shall I say, "deep eggplant". L o v e it!

Its the color of these beautiful Louisiana Irises... The Atachafalya Iris

Louisiana Native Iris

Louisiana Irises

These beautiful irises belong to my old boss, Pat, at his website: http://www.zydecoirises.com/index.htm

He hybridizes Louisiana Irises and has traveled to the far East to talk about his Irises!


Parker said...

Pretty April,

The couch looks AMAZING. I'm so happy you posted a photo of it. But, I'm more happy that you are blogging again.

love and hugs,

aftan said...

i love your taste.. its so.. classy anthropologie