If only there was more time in the day! and night...

For the last few Sunday nights I have not slept at wink. Literally, I think I toss and turn until 3:30a sometimes 4a and have to wake up at 6:30-7ish. So - Mondaysare pretty draggy. It might be b/c I took a nap on Sunday afternoons ( not too terribly long) or if I'm anxious in anticipation of the work day/week or if I am just unsettled b/c I didn't get everything done that I wanted to that weekend. Who knows. Today was bad b/c I had a headache too on top of all the grogginess. So I took 2 excedrin which made my tummy hurt. Please! This day is almost to an end and hopefully will have a good nights rest and day tomorrow. I had a nice quiet weekend. I did get some things accomplished. Of course there's always more to do but I try to take time out to do the things that are meaningful and not just routine. especially when its for other people. Uh oh - I just heard some big booms...it must be next door over at Camp Shelby. They must be practicing to blow up stuff or preparing to send some more troops to afghanistan. I'll just turn my ocean waves up a notch as I try to go to sleep. I would love to be at the beach right now with a warm quilt and the bright stars and the sound of the waves. I could go to sleep like that. It would be better to have someone with me though so I don't have to be all by myself on that dark beach. I think I may drive down and do that one day...go sit on the beach with a book and blanket for a day. Sounds awesome.



I just finished making and mailing approx 100 invitations to my best friend's baby shower. I found out about it last Friday and have been in 'craft' mode all week. I'm exhausted. Alll that creating is very tiresome but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. I would post a picture of them but I"m so tired of looking at them that I don't feel like it. But I can say they're all unique, all 91 of them and each handmade by yours truly. They are black, white, and ballet pink. Think Dancing school - ballet class. I got so strung out trying to figure out what my hairdresser best friend wanted - which is contemporary, modern trendy designs (black and white only w/ maybe a little pink) - that I just went with what I liked. Oh well! I learned that I tend to make things really unnecessarily complicatedl, which is what took me so long to finally make the decision and make them [invitations]. I always knew in the back of my mind that they would turn out great but to get it going and keep it going was exhausting. And so it is with life... But they all came out great and I pulled through in the end. My laundry and house and health suffered but - hey it was such short notice!Thanks Amber for all your great ideas and support! Yeah, like the one you gave me about making my own envelopes! Ha-eh, that was a good one! I was lucky to lick the envelope! Maybe next time. Definitely.


Heres' a little song I like

"Gravity" by Sara Bareilles

Somethin always brings me back to you,
it never takes too long.
no matter what I say or do,
I still feel you here,
till the moment I"m gone.
You hold me, without touch.
Keep me without chains.
Never wanted anything so much,
than to drown in your love,
and not feel your rain.
set me free.
leave me be.
i don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity.
here i am
and i stand, so tall,
just the way i'm supposed to be.
but you're on to me,
and all over me.

oh, you loved me cause i'm fragile--
But I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while and
all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be.
i don't wanna fall another moment into your grav-i-ty.
here i am and i stand, so tall,
just the way i'm supposed to be.
but youre on to me, and all over me...

i live here on my knees as I
try to make you see that you're
everything I think i need, here on the ground
but you're neither friend nor foe though I
can't seem to let you go.
the one thing that I still know is that you're
keeping me, down------

Keeping me Down, yeah yeh yeh yeh
Youre on to me, on to me and all

Something always, brings me back to you
It nev-ver takes too long...


Danie's night

Tonight was Danie-girls night. She's been out in the cold and she was hungry (poor sang baby) as mom would say and so I decided this would be her night. So I put on her pink jacket cause its cold and we went to.....petsmart. We got some dogfood and a toy. She got a treat even though she peed the floor at the store. I sware I never thought i'd clean up pea from A dog in a store. Needless to say she felt bad about it and we left and came home and played some more, and gave her a fine meal. So she's sittin pretty tonight. Here is a picture of when my mom was here one time and her playing with Danie-girl. Look at the one paw on mom's arm. She's so pret-ty. She's not a dog, she's a friend. :) LOL
I got her in December of 2002 I beleive. Daniel my brother was in Iraq. Hence the name Danie short for "danielle". I always thought Danny was cute for a girl anyway. My brother is not a Dan or Danny to me -- he is Daniel. So I didn't think he would mind. Should be flattered, cause she's so good and loveable. She was six weeks old, so that makes her, in her late thirties or early forties in dog years? So she and I are both women in the prime of our lives basically. She's got allergies and sneezes alot. Its fun to watch her perk up her ears and act like she's about to get somethin. And she raises her left paw (points) its so funny/cute. I don't knw if I have a picture of that yet.


My friend Cheri

I thought I would just post these beautiful pictures of my beautiful friend Cheri. Shes even more pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. She's my "Miss" "Hospitality" "Mississippi" girlfriend. A true southern belle just like me, my mama and my sistas. Heavenly Father already gave me two wonderful sisters and my beautiful mother as freinds on this earth. But He definitely provided a dear friend for me while I live here in Hattiesburg. I met Cheri when she worked with me at Horne, llp. We joke and say "Horn-y llp". One time I wanted her to try these yummy caramel chews. And she called me from her office and said, Ah, April, I was eating one of these delicious caramels you gave me and, mmm, its so good... but, I think my tooth just came out. I felt so bad! but she was so calm and cool. Thinking back on it now - I"m practically rolling on the floor laughing!

This is a picture of us and our Mom's eating at Bianchi's Pizza in downtown Hattiesburg. That was a great night. We all hit it off. THen for the last 30 minutes we all started talking in our long, drawn out, sweet southern drawl and people sitting around us were mezmerized. It was great!

Cheri is 25 (?) I think she just turned in January. She just threw an awesome jewelry party on Saturday with awesome treats - I thought I was at a really nice bridal shower. Now, she works at a different accounting firm so we dont' get to work together anymore. She's been a married woman for a little over a year and got married down in St. Lucia. (pretty pictures and video). I know my sisters Amber and Aftan would love her and her mom Ellie! Ellie started cracking up when she was telling us at the jewelry party, Cheri was making these peanut butter fudge brownies and the sides were getting really done but the middle was still gooey. So Cheri took it out and cut out the middle in a nice rectangle and put it back in the oven to finish "firmin up". And then she put it back in the brownie frame to cut into squares. funny ;)


Always Marry an April girl

I found this cool picture with a cool title and poem that went with it! Click on this link to see the picture!

Praise the spells and bless the charms,
found April in my arms. April golden, April cloudy,
Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy; April soft in
flowered languor, April cold with sudden anger,
Ever changing, ever true -- I love April, I love you.
Poem By OGDEN NASH (1902 - 1971)


More pics for my mom ;)

This is the "gallery" of my uncle's paintings in the guest room.
also in the guest room, are some heirloom hats, aprons, etc.

my chabby chic bathroom.

the old dresser furniture in my bedroom.

a small bookshelf in the living room. My big bookshelf that I got for Chrismtas is STILL in the box! I'm trying to hunt for someone who will put it together for me.

some mo

my favorate chair. yeah, i 've got to get new drapes. the black toile and leapord aren't hittin together.

a little vinette; just a chair (more seating room) and an old trucnk (antique)

More pics of my house

this is little table is in the guest room

this is my bedroom; that bed frame was my papa's when he was a little boy

this is the couch in the living room. i finally broke down and bought a couch cover (stretchy brown) and new pillos and a new area rug. Now I just need some end tables and a coffee table. my mom was shocked at the new pillows. why? maybe she doesn't think I'm an animal print person.


i CAN'T believe its 2009!!!

Well, I guess I have to beleive it don't I. Yeah so still working it here in good ol Hattiesburg out in the country with all the pinetrees and red dirt. Warm weather, rain, green, same ol same ol. I've really gotta get back into this blog thing. It might be kinda fun. Well...I took a 5mg melatonin about an hour ago and its really starting to kick in. I'm getting very sleeeeee---py. Check ya'll later.

Home Picks - A Southern Living Extraordinaire

My parents came to my house for Christmas. I was so excited to prepare the house and menu for the grand festivities. Brad came for Christmas eve and we had seafood gumbo and watched Christmas movies. On Christmas day, we went for a walk, and of course, shopped for the next few days. My mom insisted that I take some pictures of my house. I don't quite know why, I think she was just caught up in the moment. So here are some. If you'll notice the placemats in the table setting are huge cabbage leaves Brad brought from his garden.