Cool new Bill-fold (as Mimi would call it)

I found this cute bill-fold at Walmart of all places for ten dolla. It is very vintage looking (shimmery dark aqua) and I just had to show it off.

It kind of goes with my bone-colored purse.

Oh yeah I almost forgot! The table cloth in the picture was my Mimi's (Hallie Pearl Kimball). I love it! Its so bright and cheery! And the little candle holder palette was my dear friend Kat's - it goes perfectly w/ my taste and decor and it reminds me of her constantly ;)

Today was rough but at least its pretty much over (its now past 12 am). Looking forward to tomorrow to get some stuff done, yeah! Good night kisses to all the little fairies out there~~~~


Parker said...

Pretty April,

I love your new walet. But, I love the tablecloth more. It's so pretty. Just like you. You're prettier though.

I miss you.


lindsey said...

i really like the new design. and all things vintage! hope all is well in mississippi.


aftan said...

great lips! love the bone purse and wallet, i love old fashioned table cloths in the summer.. i have one on my table, except it was an old sheet. still cute.