Those born on the 18th

Here is something that I found, about people born in the Eighteenth of the Month (My Birthday is March 18!) I thought it was pretty good. What do you think!?

"Your powerful leadership inspires those who admire how you have chosen to live your life; acting on your ideals and principles. Honesty and ethics are of foremost importance to you. There is, in you, a melding of ambition, leadership and spirituality, giving you the desire for impact on a global scale. You have a tremendous capacity to connect with those in positions of power, enabling you to make a difference and have access to prosperity. Selfless service to others and commitment to your integrity are keys to your success.

Although you may appear to be unemotional or aloof, you are highly emotional, lusty and passionate...with a sparkling sense of humor. Your intuitive, compassionate nature is soothing, making you an oasis in the middle of a desert of modern living. Surprisingly, there may be a bit of a loner in you at times, retreating to solitude in order to replenish the nurturing "fresh drink of water" you offer so freely. This down time gives you a chance to commune with your spirit and ambitions, free of the pressures incumbent to those in leadership roles.

CAREER: Management, lawyer, judge, philosopher, nonfiction writer, editor, or athlete.

CHALLENGES: You are so comfortable with being in charge that it may be difficult for you to let someone else be at the helm. Relax and enjoy the ride because when crises arise, guess who they will turn to?

You are inituitive, perceptive, and have a quick analytical mind. Tap into your wellspring of creativity which conjures up valuable ideas and solutions to intricate problems."


Parker said...

Pretty April,

I haven't been following my own advice and I'm in a big downer rut of a funk.

I miss you.

love and hugs,


aftan said...

you should have been a judge

Parker said...

Miss Pretty,

Thank you for the lovely card. It made my whole week. YOu are so wonderful and I feel so lucky to be friends with you.


Check this out:


They have a shop in New Orleans and I think you need to go ASAP.

love you,