Rose Down

Today we went to Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville. It was a really beautiful old mansion w/ beautiful gardens. The familes that owned it did a really good job. We had almost 20 people go today from Relief Society! That is a great turnout! Wow, I'm really glad, thankful, humbled. It was a great girls day out for all of us and we needed and deserved it! We don't usually have a very cohesive bunch in our RS but I'm feeling it more now. We provided lunch in the gardens. We had chicken salad on crossaints w/ red leaf lettuce, green been salad, grapes, mini-cheescakes, and fresh raspberry lemondade. And after dinner mints. (kind of funny).

My friend Rachel is a plantation home expert. She doesn't play. She led us there and really made the whole trip easy for me and enjoyable for everyone. Of course my dream job is to be a tour guide. I'm always giving people tidbits -- all it is, is storytelling and history which I love.

Love my new laptop. Its name is BA-HEGA. Don't ask me why.



I just got my new laptop today...I have been waiting so patiently! Its so cool! Now that its here I feel like I can get on w/ my life and get things going. I really needed one for the whole job search thing, plus I needed a computer in the house period! And I don't feel comfortable using the one at work where I feel like they monitor my every move. Of course I went into debt to get this but its an investment.

Me and my friend Amy joined weight watchers this week. So far I suck at it! I think I've blown all my points for this week and next! Oh well. I'll keep on trying I guess. Need to get moving though. My goal is to lose 20 pounds. I just need to concentrate on the day by day right now.

I'm tired. I want to stay up and keep playing on my new toy but theres still so much I need to do before I go to bed.

Tonight I made sweet potato souffle' and it was delicious. Of course, I 'm not Martha Stewart b/c when I put the dish in the oven to brown the marshmellows on top, I left them there to long and they caught fire. I screamed when I opened the oven door - there were FLAMES 6 inches high on the top of my souffle! Thank goodness I could blow them all out like a birthday wish from hell. My sister and I gently scooped off the burnt marshmellows and just spread cool whip across the top instead. Well, that idea crashed too b/c that melted too. Needless to say, they were still some darn good sweet potatoes.



Raining Cats and Cats

That should tell you alot right there about what kind of HEAT I've been dealing with lately...down here in south Louisiana. We have like, a really bad rain storm with thunder/lightning/downpour almost every week or every other day. School just started back for alot of people. Me on the other hand, I'm still in the same dead end job. Trying to get my butt to workout in this heat. The latest drama that I can conjure up is that for the month of July and August, me and my brother and sister who all live together were sick with cat fungus flue. Heres the story -

My brother brought home a stray kitten. He used to breed persians so he's an animal/cat lover. Me, I'm not a real big cat fan, but they're okay. So all of a sudden my sister who has a really low immune system starts breaking out in this horrid rash all over her face and body. Poor thing. Then my brother starts getting the bumps and has a really bad one on his leg. I think it was a form of staph. Then they both start having upper respiratory problems like sore throat, swollen glands, etc. In meantime I'm really freaking out b/c I live in the house too and I'm gonna get this. I never really played or touched the kitty but lived around it, sat on the couch where it had been ,etc. So I fought it off for about a week and then I noticed a few bumps too. Mine were different looking though and total, I only had about 7 bumps the whole time. So my dr. said mine was cat fungus (ringworm). I had the sore throat and stuff too. Great. But poor brother and sister had it the worst. I had to get pretty firm w/ my roomies helping getting the house up to par, cleaning wise, and getting the source (kitty) out of there or get it treated. I dont' know if theirs was cat fungus or a bacterial infection like Staph from a cat. My brother seems to think its some rare monkey pox or something.

Needless to say, the cat is gone, all our bumps have started going away although it takes months to get it out of your system. Its highly contagious too. Like, my boyfriend got one on his arm and neck. So did my sisters make out partner and brother's ho. Sorry, that was mean. Thats not true at all!

But man! I learned alot I guess about handling trials. Why does this happen to me sorta thing. I learned you should still handle things w/ grace and humility. Not throw more than one fit.


Quick ketchup

Ok, so I started this blog and haven't even given a post since, so I better provide a quick catch-up! Yesterday I took off half a day b/c I'd been feeling crampy and sinus-ey. I hate to admit this but I also had not been taking care of myself like finding time to even take a shower. I know-that's pretty sad. I'm thinking, who takes time off so they can go home and take a shower, shave thier legs, condition thier hair? I don't know...That just tells me I am in some form of self-neglect. Then while at home yesterday afternoon, I ran my toe into some glass that I had standing up next to the door to be taken out, so I didn't see it and sliced off about a centimeter of my right 3rd little toe. It bled good. Dad says thats a good sign that it'll be okay. Its the ones that don't bleed ya have to worry about. So I've been limping around since. I'm back at work today feeling ~pretty good minus a really bad tension headache that is radiating to my jaw joints/muscles, neck and shoulders. Some shoulder rolls and stretching, that's what I'll do after I blog. :)


This is my first Yap

I guess "proper says" I must introduce myself since this will be my first post. I am a 30 year old woman living in the deep south of the United States. I am the oldest of four children and have wonderful, surprisingly-still-together, parents. I live with my sister and brother - yah, we'll have some more to come on that. My other sister is married and lives nearby.

I work in a professional environment as an internal consultant for a large healthcare organization. I really am thankful for this position. I guess I'm most thankful for it b/c it doesn't put alot of stress on me. I've focused so much on education and my career in getting two masters degrees that I rarely put emphasis on developing relationships. So this job was supposedly going to give me that opportunity - to focus on my "relational" side. Ha. We'll see how far I've gotten with that.

This blog is mainly for my own personal expression in that I need to keep a journal or record of some sort and more importantly, as a way for me to get things out and express how I am feeling at the time. Basically, my good friend has a really interesting and successful blog http://celibateinthecity.blogspot.com and thought it was so great that I wanted to do one too! I don't really know all about Html and stuff like that but I'll give it a whirl. So there ya have it...hopefully I'll get better at this as I go along. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by to listen to My Yap!