LSU Lakes

Those are geese or pelicans or some kind of crane...

While I was in Baton Rouge, I did one of my favorite things and wallked around the LSU Lakes. I just happened to have my trusty old camera on my phone. It was such a beautifyl day I had to take pictures to savor it! This is my therapy! I wish there was something like that here!


Z Bebe' Shower

Nicole's baby shower was this past Friday in Baton Rouge at La Madeleine's. Her colors were black and white with a little bit of pink. There were lots of people there which must have meant they recieved their "wonderful" invitations. Nicole looked great of course and Burgundy, Wendy and I were the hostesses. Regretfully her mom wasn't there for most of it because her dad (Nicole's Paw) was dying in the hospital. But as someone said at the shower, the new little one will have part of her Paw Paw's spirit and as one great soul leaves this earth, another new one comes in. So, it was a bitter sweet night for Nicole and her family. Nicole got lots of great gifts, some duplicates that I'm sure Nicole has already taken back to the store to exchange for new"stuff". She didn't get any of the necessities like diapers, bottles. It was strictly clothes, blankets and pillows! Nicole wanted her cake to be black white and a little bit of pink so this is what Janell made. Isn't it grand?

Of course it killed me to walk in and there be no tablecloth on that table but I was able to let it go.

Nicole -bless her heart- brought and made her own punch for the shower. i was too rushed to be able to do it. but that punch was better than the one I would've made.

One of the girls who was helping us hostesses asked me if she should start getting the pen and paper ready to record the baby gifts to send thank you notes. Amidst all the action and in complete sincerity and earnestness, I said, Jenn, do you really think Nicole's gonna send baby thank you notes? As Nicole Co Co Chanel would say, its good to have freinds who know me so well.

These little ladies cracked me up! They were like little bity's all huddled there waiting for thier (many) pieces of cake!

Nicole and the hostesses, April, Wendy and Burgundy. Nicole gave us such pretty hostess gifts.