I drove up and over to Chattanooga Tennessee last week for work. It was a beautiful drive. I took these pictures from the road as you can tell. Gotta love windshield pictures. HA!

I got a little bit of a break from working and drove up Lookout mountain in the rental car (skinny roads, yikes!). As I drove back to Mississippi, I took these pictures:

Getting flatter...but still pretty'
In Meridian (cursed place), I thought this was a cool mint green state vehicle. I used to drive my grandaddy's mint green ford to high school and it was this same color! Ok the reason Meridian is cursed is b/c I broke down one time on my way back to Atlanta right outside of Meridian. Had to have a new engine in my little Mercury tracer and everything! Then my sister Aftan broke down in the same spot on her way to Atlanta not to long ago and my parents had to drive there (again) to rescue her! I've talked to other people that have broken down there too. Weird!

So - I'm packing to go to Destin Florida this weekend so I'm sure I"ll have alot to post about that trip. I'd just like to say thank you to my dear sweet visiting teacher who fed my dog Danie-girl while I was gone last week!


Broadway Baby said...

Beautiful pictures. Man! I miss the South!

lindsey said...

am loving all the lush green color! makes me homesick for mississippi as well. still waiting for spring to really sprung in new york!! :)


Parker said...

I miss you.