I like September

Wow so its been a long time since I blogged! I guess it took me getting sick and alot of stuff crossed off my list to finally sit down and say, Hmm what do I want to do? I love that. That never happens seems like. But I do enjoy it when I have/make time. So I apologize for the lapse and will try to do better. Some of you all are so good at it. Plus there are so many cute things to do to blogs now. I just hope I can keep up! Here's the latest with me:

My youngest sister Aftan has come to stay with me for a little while. This will be a good thing for both of us! I'm really excited and thankful she chose to come and hang out with me. I know we will help each other alot. And of course my parents are tickled to death. They're probly sick of seeing me all the time! Just kidding. The goal is to get them to move down here too, to Lafayette since my Dad works down here alot and would decrease his driving time. My poor lil ole Daddy still works hard and ... well, it just about makes me bawl. Anyway, Aftan is going to find a job and maybe a class or two to take. I'm sure she misses Utah but She will love Lafayette.

I am still working at the old workplace. I've been there a year now. I still thoroughly enjoy my job and my life over here in Lafayette. I'm excited to get out and go do some more things like travel and see friends and some family. Sheesh, it woulda been nice to go sit on the beach at Gulf Shores AL this weekend read like I did last summer. But I went ahead and got sick. It seems like a little stomach bugg which also kinda feels like an ulcer. Ow! So, I've been downing Pepto.

Now that I'm talking about it my tummy has started hurting again and I'm getting sleepy so I will sign off for now. Take care all, and goodnight ;)


youtube action

anybody remember this song? oldy but a goody

Pride can stand a thousand trials
the strong will never fall
but watching stars without you, my soul cries...
heaving heart is full of pain
oh........the aching
cause I'm kissing you, oh
touch me deep
pure and true
gift to me
cause I'm
Kissing you...
I'm kissing you, oh.
where are you now....
cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you oh