This is my first Yap

I guess "proper says" I must introduce myself since this will be my first post. I am a 30 year old woman living in the deep south of the United States. I am the oldest of four children and have wonderful, surprisingly-still-together, parents. I live with my sister and brother - yah, we'll have some more to come on that. My other sister is married and lives nearby.

I work in a professional environment as an internal consultant for a large healthcare organization. I really am thankful for this position. I guess I'm most thankful for it b/c it doesn't put alot of stress on me. I've focused so much on education and my career in getting two masters degrees that I rarely put emphasis on developing relationships. So this job was supposedly going to give me that opportunity - to focus on my "relational" side. Ha. We'll see how far I've gotten with that.

This blog is mainly for my own personal expression in that I need to keep a journal or record of some sort and more importantly, as a way for me to get things out and express how I am feeling at the time. Basically, my good friend has a really interesting and successful blog http://celibateinthecity.blogspot.com and thought it was so great that I wanted to do one too! I don't really know all about Html and stuff like that but I'll give it a whirl. So there ya have it...hopefully I'll get better at this as I go along. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by to listen to My Yap!

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JL said...

Hi April! Congratulations on your new blog. Thank you for the sweet card and pictures. It was so nice to see it in my mailbox! I look forward to reading more of your adventures here. Good luck! Love ya, J