Raining Cats and Cats

That should tell you alot right there about what kind of HEAT I've been dealing with lately...down here in south Louisiana. We have like, a really bad rain storm with thunder/lightning/downpour almost every week or every other day. School just started back for alot of people. Me on the other hand, I'm still in the same dead end job. Trying to get my butt to workout in this heat. The latest drama that I can conjure up is that for the month of July and August, me and my brother and sister who all live together were sick with cat fungus flue. Heres the story -

My brother brought home a stray kitten. He used to breed persians so he's an animal/cat lover. Me, I'm not a real big cat fan, but they're okay. So all of a sudden my sister who has a really low immune system starts breaking out in this horrid rash all over her face and body. Poor thing. Then my brother starts getting the bumps and has a really bad one on his leg. I think it was a form of staph. Then they both start having upper respiratory problems like sore throat, swollen glands, etc. In meantime I'm really freaking out b/c I live in the house too and I'm gonna get this. I never really played or touched the kitty but lived around it, sat on the couch where it had been ,etc. So I fought it off for about a week and then I noticed a few bumps too. Mine were different looking though and total, I only had about 7 bumps the whole time. So my dr. said mine was cat fungus (ringworm). I had the sore throat and stuff too. Great. But poor brother and sister had it the worst. I had to get pretty firm w/ my roomies helping getting the house up to par, cleaning wise, and getting the source (kitty) out of there or get it treated. I dont' know if theirs was cat fungus or a bacterial infection like Staph from a cat. My brother seems to think its some rare monkey pox or something.

Needless to say, the cat is gone, all our bumps have started going away although it takes months to get it out of your system. Its highly contagious too. Like, my boyfriend got one on his arm and neck. So did my sisters make out partner and brother's ho. Sorry, that was mean. Thats not true at all!

But man! I learned alot I guess about handling trials. Why does this happen to me sorta thing. I learned you should still handle things w/ grace and humility. Not throw more than one fit.

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aftan said...

hahahahhaaaa my make out partner?? funny. true. but funny. that was horrible. and that's all i want to do to re-live those memories. wow.