Rose Down

Today we went to Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville. It was a really beautiful old mansion w/ beautiful gardens. The familes that owned it did a really good job. We had almost 20 people go today from Relief Society! That is a great turnout! Wow, I'm really glad, thankful, humbled. It was a great girls day out for all of us and we needed and deserved it! We don't usually have a very cohesive bunch in our RS but I'm feeling it more now. We provided lunch in the gardens. We had chicken salad on crossaints w/ red leaf lettuce, green been salad, grapes, mini-cheescakes, and fresh raspberry lemondade. And after dinner mints. (kind of funny).

My friend Rachel is a plantation home expert. She doesn't play. She led us there and really made the whole trip easy for me and enjoyable for everyone. Of course my dream job is to be a tour guide. I'm always giving people tidbits -- all it is, is storytelling and history which I love.

Love my new laptop. Its name is BA-HEGA. Don't ask me why.

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