Quick ketchup

Ok, so I started this blog and haven't even given a post since, so I better provide a quick catch-up! Yesterday I took off half a day b/c I'd been feeling crampy and sinus-ey. I hate to admit this but I also had not been taking care of myself like finding time to even take a shower. I know-that's pretty sad. I'm thinking, who takes time off so they can go home and take a shower, shave thier legs, condition thier hair? I don't know...That just tells me I am in some form of self-neglect. Then while at home yesterday afternoon, I ran my toe into some glass that I had standing up next to the door to be taken out, so I didn't see it and sliced off about a centimeter of my right 3rd little toe. It bled good. Dad says thats a good sign that it'll be okay. Its the ones that don't bleed ya have to worry about. So I've been limping around since. I'm back at work today feeling ~pretty good minus a really bad tension headache that is radiating to my jaw joints/muscles, neck and shoulders. Some shoulder rolls and stretching, that's what I'll do after I blog. :)

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