Some pretty pictures

I just wanted to post something and of course I don't have any other pictures that I wanted to put up at the moment so I thought I would put up some ones I liked. I guess if I had children I'd be posting those up but seein as I don't have any, these will have to do. I think this is Grace Kelly. I love her beautiful white chiffon dress. I think this is what I would like to look like on my wedding day if that ever happens. I guess it would in the millenium.
Mr Rhett Butla and Miss Sca-let. These two....what I can I say about them! Its a love-hate relationship, more love than hate but sometimes theres such a fine line between the two. Very fine. Isn't that the truth!?

One of my favorite movies is Ladyhawke with Mathew Broderick and Michelle Pfieffer and that blond guy...whats his name. Anyway, Michelle is so pretty in this movie, she really does look like a hawk at times. I cry at the end every single time I watch this movie and that is pretty rare.

And of course I had to put Elvis in here. Marilyn as well. Such Icons.


Parker said...

I love this post. It's all about the things you love. You are beautiful.

Broadway Baby said...

Oh, I do love you, April. There are so many reasons why we're friends. This post is just one of the many. Don't feel sad about not being married. One day, some lucky Cap'n Butla will come along and sweep you off your feet in your white chiffon dress. I know it's gonna happen. Love you, friend.

Parker said...

I made it home to Califoria. I'm a happy little camper. I've been lounging all morning in my jammies with Baby Bono. I'm having trouble getting my photos to upload on the blog. My parents computer has "issues". I'm going to try to find a computer to keep you updated on the California goodness.

Jolie said...

April, I too love the movie Lady Hawke! These are beautiful pics by the way! How r u down there? Last time we spoke i believe you were working on getting your Healthcare Administrative license...i think??? so what's the latest?