St. Patrick's Day with My Dad

This is me and my Dad in front of this cute little restaurant in downtown Collins Mississippi (about 25 miles north of Hattiesburg). I love this picture! I was so excited when he asked me to go to dinner with him for my birthday (a day early). He was going to be working in Flowood MS. We walked into Morgan's and they sat is in the "perfect" room all by ourselves. Elvis on one wall. Scarlett on the other...

This is my standing by our table and of course, by Elvis. This is the other wall (below) with Scarlett from Gone with the Wind.
We always have good talks. We talk about my work, his work, dealing with people, the economy, family, back in the olden days, and the Gospel. I couldn't have asked for a better Father. And of course behind every good man is a great woman (love you Mom). I enjoyed my date with my Dad so much. It will be a cherished memory.


Broadway Baby said...

Scarlett, Elvis, and a great dad...who could ask for anything more?

Parker said...

Your Daddy is so CUTE. I love that you guys had a birthday date. You so lucked out with the perfect APRIL room.
love and hugs,

amberwalker said...

I love these April! You are so lucky to have dad all to yourself. :)