Today was like THE most gorgeous day ever. I opened all my doors/windows. I mainly stayed outside--washed my car, walked Danie, cleaned up the patio. The wind was cool the sun was perfect. I also had a nice visit from my visiting teacher. We had a big time. Then I decided to "go into town"..... I love saying that... I mean - I don't LOVE that I live so far out of town - I just thing its a funny hick thing to say - cause I'm a hick I guess. (?) ANYWAY... I found some really cute stuff. There's just never enough time, money or strength for the shopping. My feet are killing me and I think I forgot to eat supper.

Anywho, does anyone know how to make the text of my posts Centered in the page between borders? Just curious.

Oh yeah I found a lizard in my room today YIKES! and put it outside for Danie to do whatever it is she does to them. It was just as scared as I was.

Happy Easter Everyone

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Parker said...


Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. I love that you found some treasures. Who is your visiting teacher? I hope she is one of the sweetest ladies in the ward. Sounds like she is. I can't wait to see you. Maybe I can come over sometime this weekend to visit.

love you,