Just another day at the Beach!

Danie and I got up Sat am and took off to Gulf Shores, AL. Its only 2 1/2 hrs away. It was such a beautiful day driving (also, so many garage sales, fruit stands and vintage stores along the way).
We got to the beach about 11am and found a good parking spot; walked across the hwy and set up shop. It was a good spot. The Gulf breeze was very strong and constant. The water and beach were so beautiful! (You can click on the picture to see a bigger picture)The sky was clear and the sun was atop the sky. I took Danie for a walk and we played in the water. One time I got real brave and took her off her leash and just let her run full out along the beach. She loved it! It was good to see her free. But then of course, I got nervous. As soon as she would see a seagul she perked those ears up and acted like she was a rottweiler. I staked her down while I sat in my easy beach chair (thank you Wal Mart $15) and just enjoyed the day. I brought a lunch and snacks. (fresh washed Louisiana strawberries yum!) Like I said, there was a constant, persistent gulf 'breeze' and sand was everywhere but...hey, I needed some good grit. Each grain of sand sparkled in that Sun. The ocean sang to me. It hissed and crackled and called to me to "Come In". Of course I did, I couldn't help it. I love to body surf! It was COLD! But at the same time, it felt great!. For a while there in my beach chair (about 1:30 - 2pm) I actually had to cover up w/ my wrap and towel to get cozy from the 'cool' temp. I could start to feel my arms and cheeks get a little "warm" around 2:30 - 3p. So I put my clothes back on and my cowboy hat. We packed up and left the beach around 3ish and made our way back. What a good day at the beach! I passed Nursery's left and right so I had to stop and get something beautiful and living as a souvenier for my day trip. I got a beautful bouganvilla (red). The watering lady said she had had her eye on that one all day! ;) That made me happy. Got home around 7 - I would have been home much sooner but of course I stopped a few times (Great shopping in Foley and Daphne/Spanish Fort plus a little traffic coming into Mobile). So I was home before dark! What a day. I vow to go back and do this again Often! Thanks Danie for being such a great companion and my silent and gentle friend :)


Parker said...

What a perfect day. I am so envious. I love the photos of Danie and your cute little toes. I'm happy you were able to take some "me" time and get out and celebrate the lovey lady that you are.
Horray for weekend get-aways. They do a girl good.
love and hugs,

Broadway Baby said...

I'm so proud of you for taking care of yourself and giving yourself such a special day. And I am completely jealous! It's snowing here. Blah. Wish I was at the beach. Or at your parents' lakehouse catching catfish. Remember that? Good times.

Jenn said...

I love your pictures. Sounds like it was a perfectly beautiful day. I used to love to just take those day trips. Markus hates the beach so we don't visit as often anymore :( Taking time out for yourself is the best medicine and on such a perfect day and place, can't resist.

Parker said...

I love the background. Thank you for being our photographer today. You are amazing. I'll post our super HOT poloroid soon.
love you,