My friend Cheri

I thought I would just post these beautiful pictures of my beautiful friend Cheri. Shes even more pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. She's my "Miss" "Hospitality" "Mississippi" girlfriend. A true southern belle just like me, my mama and my sistas. Heavenly Father already gave me two wonderful sisters and my beautiful mother as freinds on this earth. But He definitely provided a dear friend for me while I live here in Hattiesburg. I met Cheri when she worked with me at Horne, llp. We joke and say "Horn-y llp". One time I wanted her to try these yummy caramel chews. And she called me from her office and said, Ah, April, I was eating one of these delicious caramels you gave me and, mmm, its so good... but, I think my tooth just came out. I felt so bad! but she was so calm and cool. Thinking back on it now - I"m practically rolling on the floor laughing!

This is a picture of us and our Mom's eating at Bianchi's Pizza in downtown Hattiesburg. That was a great night. We all hit it off. THen for the last 30 minutes we all started talking in our long, drawn out, sweet southern drawl and people sitting around us were mezmerized. It was great!

Cheri is 25 (?) I think she just turned in January. She just threw an awesome jewelry party on Saturday with awesome treats - I thought I was at a really nice bridal shower. Now, she works at a different accounting firm so we dont' get to work together anymore. She's been a married woman for a little over a year and got married down in St. Lucia. (pretty pictures and video). I know my sisters Amber and Aftan would love her and her mom Ellie! Ellie started cracking up when she was telling us at the jewelry party, Cheri was making these peanut butter fudge brownies and the sides were getting really done but the middle was still gooey. So Cheri took it out and cut out the middle in a nice rectangle and put it back in the oven to finish "firmin up". And then she put it back in the brownie frame to cut into squares. funny ;)

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Roger and Melissa said...

Hey! I didn't know you have a blog! Just one more way to keep updated! Looks like H-burg is treating you mighty fine...