I just finished making and mailing approx 100 invitations to my best friend's baby shower. I found out about it last Friday and have been in 'craft' mode all week. I'm exhausted. Alll that creating is very tiresome but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. I would post a picture of them but I"m so tired of looking at them that I don't feel like it. But I can say they're all unique, all 91 of them and each handmade by yours truly. They are black, white, and ballet pink. Think Dancing school - ballet class. I got so strung out trying to figure out what my hairdresser best friend wanted - which is contemporary, modern trendy designs (black and white only w/ maybe a little pink) - that I just went with what I liked. Oh well! I learned that I tend to make things really unnecessarily complicatedl, which is what took me so long to finally make the decision and make them [invitations]. I always knew in the back of my mind that they would turn out great but to get it going and keep it going was exhausting. And so it is with life... But they all came out great and I pulled through in the end. My laundry and house and health suffered but - hey it was such short notice!Thanks Amber for all your great ideas and support! Yeah, like the one you gave me about making my own envelopes! Ha-eh, that was a good one! I was lucky to lick the envelope! Maybe next time. Definitely.

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aftan said...

i got mine today and i loved it... great choice. loved loved loved it. april when i get married and have babies... i'll know just who to get to do my invites. lol. but i've decided that probably won't happen. so. anyway, great job on the invitations!!!