Danie's night

Tonight was Danie-girls night. She's been out in the cold and she was hungry (poor sang baby) as mom would say and so I decided this would be her night. So I put on her pink jacket cause its cold and we went to.....petsmart. We got some dogfood and a toy. She got a treat even though she peed the floor at the store. I sware I never thought i'd clean up pea from A dog in a store. Needless to say she felt bad about it and we left and came home and played some more, and gave her a fine meal. So she's sittin pretty tonight. Here is a picture of when my mom was here one time and her playing with Danie-girl. Look at the one paw on mom's arm. She's so pret-ty. She's not a dog, she's a friend. :) LOL
I got her in December of 2002 I beleive. Daniel my brother was in Iraq. Hence the name Danie short for "danielle". I always thought Danny was cute for a girl anyway. My brother is not a Dan or Danny to me -- he is Daniel. So I didn't think he would mind. Should be flattered, cause she's so good and loveable. She was six weeks old, so that makes her, in her late thirties or early forties in dog years? So she and I are both women in the prime of our lives basically. She's got allergies and sneezes alot. Its fun to watch her perk up her ears and act like she's about to get somethin. And she raises her left paw (points) its so funny/cute. I don't knw if I have a picture of that yet.

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