Anew Life

Hello All my Dears and Hello September... Its been about a month since I've blogged. My Life has been so full. Full of new things, and of course, it takes me a little while to adapt--but I've adapted well.

Here are some Fun and new things in my life:

New Job
New Apartment
New City
New Car
New Car smell
Fall is coming
New Friends
Old Friends
Family here and Family there
New habits
New projects
New bills (ha ha)

It just all puts a Fresh New Spin on things for me. I look back and I was in Such A Rut for a long time. A wise old friend said to me, sometimes people like us get so focused in life that we back ourselves up into a little corner and it takes Big things to force us out so we can keep on moving. I'm so glad to be back to my Louisiana 'native' roots. And also be back in a city/civilization. I was living under a rock Literally before this. It had its good things like, I loved Hattiesburg, I had my little house and privacy and no loud neighbors and a place for my dog. I made some dear dear friends there, Kat and Cheri especially. And Of course Brad lived not too far away and I enjoyed being with him and his family. (Picking watermelons out of the garden, washing cars, finding quaint restaurants, looking at beautiful scenery, watching football, helping people) But I am looking forward to doing all those things and more in this new place.

I get to be closer to my parents which is really nice - they are such an evolving couple - and so much to learn from their example. They are my best friends. They love and care so much for thier family and they work so hard. It is humbling to see it up close.

The church people here have been so warm and welcoming - its almost unreal. I already have a friend, Sharon who's from Tupelo, MS and cute, a home and a visiting teacher (this is important!) and I had about 7 guys show up to help me unload the moving truck. The did it in less than 2 hours. (thats to say, i had a lot of stuff) Suffice it to say, I've improved myself and my life already. I'm happy about my job, I have a great boss (improved my salary), out with the old car (which was starting to wear and needed $ to help keep it up) and in with the New Black Camry 2010 Black w/ Tinted windows (yeah! 0% for 60 months), A beautiful place to live (gotta get used to apartment living), new places to go and quaint places to see, people to meet, etc, etc.

I've mentioned to my parents recently, I almost dont' feel worthy to recieve it. Everything (from the moment I was laid off, through the tortuous job search and then accepting a job in Lafayette) has had such a smooth transition or "falling into place". I know it is only because Heavenly Father is the author of it, thats the only way it could be that smooth. It is nothing I've done. Mom says its because I've made do for so long that its time. Of course all this ain't free. Its taken alot of tears and patience and faith. And of course, if I want a nice place to live and a new car to drive, I gotta actually pay for it! Hee hee. Life will still be hard and sacrifices will still need to be made. But I am thankful and I always need to make sure I'm being grateful. Cause "now", I really do feel that I am and have been, in the palm of His hand. I may not have felt that way in the past when I was in a Heap but I now know that I always was being taken care of and being prepared for what is to come.

So there ya go. Thas what I've been up to Sha - for the last month. I miss my dear friends and hope to catch up with you soon. Love You~ Be Sweet and Sassy~And of course always greatful.


Broadway Baby said...

Congrats on the new life and all that that entails. And let me just say, YES YOU DO DESERVE IT!!!! I love you, and I love the last little photo you put up. I miss you like crazy!

Parker said...

Hattiesburg would not have been the same place for me without my April Friend. You made it special for me.
love you,